Björg Sigríður Hermannsdóttir

I grew up in windy Iceland and lived in different parts of the United States for eight years. At present, I am based in London, UK. I am a counseling psychologist, curious about human behavior, social inequality, and the cultural context of it all. Chocolate is the way to my heart.

We live in societies of separation where power is used to push some to the margins and others to the top; where too many get stuck in the trap of poverty while others inherit wealth of opportunities; where most of us are detached from Nature; and where some end up alone in the crowd. And in the middle of all that, we have a chance to connect.

We have so much to learn from each other. 


2 comments on “Björg Sigríður Hermannsdóttir

  1. Andrew Jackson says:

    This is a great all embracing blog that i came across by accident while searching for ‘character development and psychology’ in relation to the work I do.

    I especially like the satirical blog on how to give poor advice! It’s so true and common and I just hope I’m better at not doing it as I’ve aged/grown!?

    Thank you


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