The Quiet OneI have always been one of those who think more than they speak. The quiet, introverted, reserved… Missing opportunities to share my thoughts while waiting for others to pause long enough to create space. Or reflecting on all the information and points of view flying around in heated group discussions until I realize the whole conversation has moved onto something else. On top of that, I accepted the message all too well growing up that kids (girls) should sit still and be quiet. Wait to be called on. So when the world called for initiative, assertiveness, and active participation, I struggled, more often than not. I used to see this as pure annoyance and character flaw.

I hadn’t yet read the book Quiet, by Susan Cain.

Fortunately, humans learn, and I learned to speak up when needed and own my opinions. Talk, as well as listen. But what I also learned was to value this quieter way of being. First of all, we don’t all have to talk at once. Second, being quiet allows me to notice things that sometimes get lost in all the noise.

Being a foreigner in countries where I have blended in with dominant groups due to my white skin and privileged social location has given me plenty to think about. I have observed people’s reactions to me and each other, systems that favor some and punish others, and my own biases. This site is an outlet for some of my thoughts on that. Culture, society, mental health, my work, and the ways in which all that blends together.


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